Why Can't the Clothing Make the Man

from by Amadhia

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Perfect smile, perfect tie:
Casually perfect guy --
Cool and smooth, above it all,
Perfect pose; oh, so tall.
Somewhere there's a GQ page
Without a model on a stage.
At least that's what it seems to be,
This perfect guy in front of me.

Why must it be,
What we see isn't what we get?
Why aren't we shown,
What a person calls their own?
Why don't we strive,
To bring a fantasy to life?
Why Can't the Clothing Make the Man?

Throwing money at a problem never made it go-away.
And a thousand-dollar dress won't change the character I play.
Buying all the models clothes won't make me more like her.
Merit and respect only come from deep within.


Not what I seem...
Under the bling, inside the car....
Can I drop the act,
It only looks good from afar!
And no matter what the media may say,
Only through half-closed eyes do good and bad
Turn a million shades of gray.

Yeah no-one's lived a perfect life,
I feel threadbare from my strife.
My fantasy is my guide to live-up-to my better side
And build-up what I can't outgrow:
The real me, and not the show!



from Not Quite Human, released July 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Amadhia Tucson, Arizona

Peabody Award winning artist, Amadhia began her career as a singer in the early 1990’s performing Celtic music in the Los Angles area.

Returning full-time to her singing in 2013 after a successful career in animation/VFX, she has since recorded at Abbey Road Studios, and has headlined at events in cities including: Berlin, Perth, Phoenix, Dallas, Pittsburgh and others.
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